Granite Repair, Cleaning, Polishing, & Sealing

Granite has steadily become the surface of choice for stone counters. Granite is easy to clean, does not etch with acids, and if sealed properly will not stain. But there are times when when your granite surfaces need attention.

You can see the graininess of this granite counter on the left side. The right is after our polishing process.

Granite Clean Polish & Seal

Over time a heavily used granite counter space can become dulled by the constant abrasion of porcelain dishes, metal hardware,and other implements. When this happens the surface needs to be polished. This is done using specialized tooling and polishes. Once the surface is brought back to a polish it is detailed and sealed. Your newly polished granite will last for years.

Granite Cracks and other Repairs:

Cracks around the sinks happen when a steel rod has been placed in the granite for strength around the sink hole begins to corrode and expand. Water intrusion causes the steel to expand as it rusts. These cracks run parallel to the sink and can manifest along the front or rear sink rails and sometimes both. in many cases these cracks can not be permanently repaired. At Sureshine our owner has developed a method of repair that will extend the life of your counters.

Granite Crack repairs can occur two ways:

Some cracks allow us to break pieces off of the counter, exposing the rod. We then cut and extract as much of the rod as possible. Sometimes the entire rod is removable. When this is the case, the crack will not occur again. The repaired area may need maintenance over time but the cost for this is minimal.

Here is an example of a project that allowed us to remove the rod:

If the rod can not be exposed, cut, and removed without causing further damage, the Epoxy Injection Method is used. The crack is cleaned out, dried with a torch or heat gun, and epoxy is injected into the crack in an attempt to coat the rod and hold the counter together. We use a real two part epoxy adhesive for this. Beware companies that use “flowing” or “penetrating” resins. These are not real epoxies and will break down around water.

Here is a video discussing three recent Injection Method repairs.

After the adhesive repairs are completed, the surface is ground flat and polished. We then use aesthetic glues and pigments to match the repaired area to the surface as possible. Some granite surfaces with a lot of movement can not be matched perfectly. Most repairs are visible when standing directly over them and looking for them and blend with the surface from an angle in the reflection.

Here is another video that details the repair of a large crack in an Uba Tuba granite counter.

Granite Chip and Hole Filling and Repair

From the smallest texture to large chips and holes, Sureshine fills it all with state of the art UV cured adhesive along with other fillers and epoxies. This chip was filled using Fill-a-Chip UV curable adhesive. The repair is a permanent, impact resistant, polishable surface that can be color matched to almost any stone. Fill-a-chip repairs are almost invisible.

By following our easy suggestions you can keep your countertops looking beautiful for years. And Sureshine is just a phone call away to answer any granite related question you might have.

The most commonly asked question about granite is, “How often do I have to seal my granite?”

Upon evaluation Sureshine can provide easy answers to all of your granite related questions. Because each granite is different and every application is different the rule of thumb has been one time per year with a high quality penetrating sealer. However, many dark granite counters will require less attention than light colors or those approaching white. If you have concerns regarding your granite, please call us or go to the Evaluation Request form so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.

Services that we provide for Granite include:
  • Stain Protection
  • Stain Removal (Poulticing)
  • Detail Clean & Seal
  • Polishing
  • Scratch Removal
  • Repairs
Always Remember to use a cleaner that says “Safe for Natural Stone Surfaces” when cleaning your counters. The use of a EasyOxy Stone and Multi-surface Cleaner and Ultimate Polish Protector as needed will help to provide long lasting protection for your granite counters. visit our sister company at for more information on keeping your stone surfaces looking great

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