Orange County Granite Repair

This crack is caused by a rusting steel rod set into the underside of the granite counter. While a common occurrence, this phenomenon is attributed to moisture, movement in the sub-top, leaning against it, Poor material selection, poor workmanship, improper installation, the list goes on.

What is actually happening here is a little surprising. The time between the 1980′s and around 2008, the granite industry was using a steel pencil rod to reinforce counter tops in week areas. The areas include the sink and stove areas. While the rods are installed in many other areas, cracking does not occur there. The cracking is caused by the expansion of the rod as it rusts. The rust is caused by excessive moisture. The first place I look when I am evaluating a sink crack of this kind is the caulking on the underside of the sink. Without fail the caulking has been compromised, is cracking, or is not even there.

Over time water gets in under the granite and the moisture causes the rod to expand and the granite to slowly crack. This is why the crack starts small and seems to be getting bigger over time. If left on its own the surface will eventually disintegrate.

While the only real way to solve this problem is the removal of the rod, a repair of this kind can be costly and does not always look right upon completion. We tend to think that if we remove the causes, we can slow down or stop the expansion. We fill the crack with flowing adhesive in an attempt to coat the rod as much as possible. We then grind the surface to smooth and fill the crack with cosmetic adhesives to blend.

This kind of repair is usually invisible from an angle and more visible when standing over it. Repairs of this kind have lasted up wards of 5 years when taken care of properly, and as little as 2 years when the homeowner allows the sealant under the sink to be compromised for a period of time.

Repairs of this kind range from $500 to $800. All repairs of this kind include a complimentary kitchen counter cleaning, sealing, and buffing and polishing as necessary.

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